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These pages are designed for gardeners who want to; learn how to take care of their plants, learn how to grow, them, and how to build things, and anything garden related.

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Lawn Care TipsGrowing A Better Lawn in St. Louis

Creating a New Lawn
Check for low spots and drainage problems. Remove all debris, wood, stones, leaves, etc. Kill weeds and unwanted grasses with Round-Up, Weed B Gone or similar products. Use Halosulfuron for elimination of nutsedge. Wait at least one week (or recommendation by manufacturer).

Add necessary soil amendments: Peat, sand, topsoil, Gypsum, etc. as needed.

When soil is moderately dry, rototill, add Soil Perfector and rake level with small clods from grape to golf ball size. A "pebble" surface is the best.

Apply seed "starter" fertilizer (New Lawn Starter) at the recommended rate. Use lime or sulfur if needed. Water thoroughly. Check for low spots.

Treating perennial weedsThose Darn Weeds! — A guide for identifying and treating Perennial Weeds

Weeds are opportunists. They will find bare spots or places where your grass is weak, and they will exploit them to their advantage. They quickly invade due to their rapid growth rates and high reproductive capabilities. Weeds compete with plant growth by competition for light, water and nutrients. Weeds can harbor various pests.

According to university specialists, perennial weeds are some of the most persistent and difficult-to-control weeds that we encounter in our yards and gardens. One reason for this is that perennials can reproduce from seed rhizomes, stolons, tubers or corms (see definitions below). Perennial weeds often survive and become troublesome because we typically apply herbicides to these plants at the wrong time of year. More...

Tropical Plant Care 101

Tropical Plant Care 101

For the seasoned gardener or house plant fanatic, keeping house plants alive and thriving might be second nature, but by no means a great secret! Light, water and humidity, proper soil, fertilization, an occasional cleaning, simple pruning and knowing your insects are the keys. More...


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